Getting to the slope

for perfect directions to the slope, follow this
link to get to google-map

General driving directions:

Coming from Tende, just after driving through the long tunnel getting you to Italy, directly turn left to Limone 1400, one hundred meters after the exit. As the tunnel is one way at a time, expect up to 15 minutes of waiting and long car lines. So don’t miss this turn at the exit!

Once on the road going uphill, simply drive all the way up until you reach the dirt road just after a big chalet. Take the road to the right for 1,4km and you will access the south slope next to “the bunker”. This is the main slope.

The north slope is located by “the fort”. on the dirt road, drive for 900 meters and then turn up-left. follow this road for another 700 meters (road is fairly bad so you may want to leave your car before if you have a sportscar). Parking is possible behind the fort.

If you like dirt roads and can’t wait for your turn at the tunnel, on the last turn before the entrance you will find a little dirt road going up on the french side of the mountain. you may count a good 47 turns before you reach the top.

Below some views of the Slopes:

pentenord pentesud