Day 1 Report

The forecast was talking about wind and showers by the end of the day, so the idea was to really make the best to get rounds done ASAP.

After the usual croissant/coffee meeting, the wind started blowing at more than 5m/s so round 1 started. Quite constant conditions with best runs at 53sec, some 55/57sec and 60s. then a thermal came and Reto did perfect use of it with a superb 47seconds. Unfortunately, soon after the fog came and we were forced to stop the round. we managed to get another 2 pilots flying in between the clouds coming and going, and had to stop again….. 2 pilots left to validate the round!!…… But the clouds were too strong and we never managed to relaunch and validate that first round…. To bad but still fair for everyone.

We decided to move further West beyond the West slope to get out of the clouds and run again some rounds. Wind was at 40deg and more on the left and only 1 pilot flew (Niklaus) and almost ended down the slope as wind went down also. And just to make it complete, Fog came to the party and killed the day. No more chance of flying.

Tomorrow meeting at 10 for hopefully better conditions and RUNS this time!


PS: great attention has been developped to give as much as possible fair flying conditions to everyone, with minimum wind speed set at 4m/s, everage wind during the whole flight above 4m/s and wind orientation limited to less than 40deg. This way, everyone is sure to have decent flying conditions.