Status update

Little update on the upcoming f3f lemoncello cup this July: we have been discussing a lot with the local businesses (restaurant, hotels etc) expressing our support and goal of maintaining our event this year.
To help so, we are actively looking for access options (you all know and remember the disaster from last winter where all the roads got destroyed) with the mayor and officials locally.
Until last week, there was still no possible access to the bunker where the competition is held.
Yesterday, we got a very positive message announcing that a dirt road will be made available to us for the competition. It should be accessible by any car (not just 4×4), but we will be going up next weekend to do a survey and see the officials.
Knowing that the competition is close, we still want to keep you informed of the work being done and where we are at as soon as possible to help logistics for everyone. So please hold on another week so we can better know what we will be able to do.
I see some real hope there, and I want to express again my request towards you to give as much support as possible towards the Tende population, by staying there, drinking, eating… There as it is a very hard moment (not to mention Covid…) For them to live through.
Many thanks to you all and hope we can all enjoy this very special edition all together, again at last!