2021 Edition… Will keep you posted on location

As you must all know, the valleys of Tende have been dramatically damaged a few months ago, with most of the roads still not rebuilt.
As right now not much work can be done (middle of the winter), we will have to wait until this spring to better know what solution in terms of road is possible. (maybe through the dirt road of Casterino, or the old dirt road bellow the slope with xxxx turns..?).
Our goal is to maintain the competition (if Covid permits of course) in Tende. The people there have always been really great with us and it is on these moments of difficulties that we must even more help them.
In the case of really no access to the slope from Tende, we will have to move back the competition for this year to our club’s main slope: Caussols. Most of you already know the place, it will be easy to organize there but you will of course be informed asap for all your lodging arrangements.
Stay tuned!