2021 Edition – Lemoncello Cup (16-18 July)

11th edition of our Lemoncello Cup. take 2…..

UPDATE AND CORRECTION: We finally had to move back to Caussols for this year’s edition, as the roads are still not accessible to the slopes of Tende (following last winter’s events). So meeting is at CAUSSOLS, same hours and dates.

After the great results of the previous year’s events, and the 4 editions in the slopes of Caussols, home of the Modele Air Club de Cannes, we have decided for this new edition to host the event once again at our slope in Tende (French-Italian border). This big slope has a permanent wind blowing from either north or south (two deep valleys concentrate the wind both ways). This slope has been for the past years used for the National Team selection for the past European and World Championship. The slope has proven it’s efficiency and consistency, with great lift with limited wind (very rare) and up to 20+ M/S winds with full ballasts.

The registration will close on June 1st (payment received), so be sure to register quickly to be sure to participate!

General Information:

The competition will be held at the “Col de Tende”, at the top of the “Limone” ski resort, during the weekend of the 16-18th July 2021.
Two very deep valleys (north and south) feed constantly the slopes only a few hundred meters away from each other depending on wind direction.

Registration of pilots on the slope and frequency verification will start on Friday 16th at 9:00 am and will end 10:00 am. No flights on the slope on Friday morning from 10 o’clock onwards. In order to achieve a maximum number of rounds, flights will start on Saturday and Sunday morning around 10:00 am and flying will end when daylight becomes insufficient.

On Sunday, it is intended to start no round after 3:30 pm.

Number of Pilots:
The number of pilots is limited to 35. No exception this time so really register FAST!

In regards to new drone related laws in place in France since 2019, it is mandatory that all models used during the contest are registered on the following internet portal belonging the the French civil aviation agency (DGAC)https://alphatango.aviation-civile.gouv.fr(register an aircraft)
As of today, the training attestation is not required for non French pilots, however we encourage everyone to make you aware about the model aircraft related rules in place in France

FAI License:
it is required to have a VALID 2021 FAI LICENSE as well as third party insurance valid for RC practice in France to participate to the competition. Verification of your FAI license will be done during registration.
Below is the list of accepted frequencies in France for this event.
2.4GHz is obviously possible.

26995 kHz27045 kHz27095 kHz27145 kHz27195 kHz 


Frequencies will be selected by the organizer based on the 2 channels provided during registration. Pilots will not be able to change their frequencies on the slope, so please be sure to provide the right frequencies during your registration.