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Fai lemoncello 2021 confirmed in Caussols

Dear pilots,
First of all, and as we are only getting bad news regarding competitions, let me confirm that Yes! The competition will happen this year.
But I want to stay rational and transparent with what is happening regarding the venue in Tende.
The roads are still not confirmed as available (some work to make a dirt road access from tende to Casterino up to the Bunker are still going next week). As of now, I can not validate the quality of the access, and still not for at least another week or two minimum.
We are now only one month from the competition and I can’t wait longer and take the risk of a too dangerous access road, of having to ask everyone to change their reservations at the last minute.

This is why I have decided to move this year’s Lemoncello Cup “back” to Caussols. The competition will be held at the far west slope (or west slope if wind requires), as we did once before. The slope has better wind and is steeper. Landing area is not bad at all (with respect to location….).I really hope next year we will be able to fly back in Tende.

Regarding restaurant / banquet, I need to quickly find a restaurant to host us all. I will keep you posted when sorted.

So in short: FAI Lemoncello Cup is confirmed but moved to Caussols slope.

Many thanks for your understanding,


Chers pilotes,
Déjà comme on en a trop l’habitude des mauvaises nouvelles: le FAI Lemoncello Cup aura bien lieu!

Mais je tiens à rester honnête et raisonnable dans les prises de risques et décisions. A ce jour, aucune route d’accès valide n’est encore disponible jusqu’à la pente. Les travaux tournent encore au moins toute la semaine prochaine pour donner une première route d’accès en terre a Casterino, nous permettant ensuite d’essayer de monter au Bunker.
Je n’ai donc pu a ce jour valider la qualité de cette route, et cela ne pourra se faire sur les 2 prochaines semaines au minimum.
Étant seulement a un mois de l’événement, je me dois de prendre une décision pour éviter des changements de réservation de dernière minute pour tous en cas de route indisponible ou trop dangereuse.

C’est pourquoi j’ai décidé de replier comme annoncé en éventualité le concours FAI Lemoncello Cup a Caussols. Le concours aura lieu sur l’extrême ouest du site (ou ouest si le vent le demande). Il s’agit du site que nous utiliserons dans 15j pour le concours de coupe. Venez donc nombreux pour vous y entrainer…..
J’espère que l’année prochaine nous pourrons remonter a Tende.

Concernant le restaurant/banquet, je vais rapidement chercher une solution dans les environs pour nous accueillir tous et reviendrais vers vous.

Donc en résumé : le FAI Lemoncello Cup se déroulera cette année a Caussols.

Merci de votre compréhension et à bientôt!

Status update

Little update on the upcoming f3f lemoncello cup this July: we have been discussing a lot with the local businesses (restaurant, hotels etc) expressing our support and goal of maintaining our event this year.
To help so, we are actively looking for access options (you all know and remember the disaster from last winter where all the roads got destroyed) with the mayor and officials locally.
Until last week, there was still no possible access to the bunker where the competition is held.
Yesterday, we got a very positive message announcing that a dirt road will be made available to us for the competition. It should be accessible by any car (not just 4×4), but we will be going up next weekend to do a survey and see the officials.
Knowing that the competition is close, we still want to keep you informed of the work being done and where we are at as soon as possible to help logistics for everyone. So please hold on another week so we can better know what we will be able to do.
I see some real hope there, and I want to express again my request towards you to give as much support as possible towards the Tende population, by staying there, drinking, eating… There as it is a very hard moment (not to mention Covid…) For them to live through.
Many thanks to you all and hope we can all enjoy this very special edition all together, again at last!

2019 Competition Report

Day “-1”: the preparation :

On Thursday, a group of 10 pilots where already on the slope, for some free flight on the slopes. The wind was North, with variable lift and wind of 6-8m/s. The organization team started installing all the bases on both slopes to be ready for any conditions during the next three days. By the middle of the afternoon, the wind had switched to south (light) with some foamies and light F3F runs. The weather forecast on Windy.tv was expecting that condition for the day, it was consistent; let’s hope their forecast for the next 3 days is right also!

Day 1: Light conditions, slow start:

The welcome of all the pilots started at 09.00 on the slope, with coffee, tea and croissants. People got all their number assigned, some free flights on the south slope (3-4m/s) as allowed until 10. Unfortunately, all pilots were there and ready by 10.00, but the wind was too weak. We had to wait until 15.00 on the dot to start round 1 on the South slope, with light wind (5m/s) which quickly went up to 7m/s average. We managed to validate 4 rounds in those conditions, and finished the flights at 18.15.

Michael Krebs did great flights all day long and was at the end of the day leading the competition.

Day 2: South slope as we love it:

On Saturday morning, pilots started arriving at 08.00. wind was already blowing at 6m/s, south. Tende South slope: welcome back!!! The weather forecast is expecting some growing conditions, with up to 10m/s in the afternoon. Most of the pilots were there by 09.00 as we had asked at the end of the previous day, but unfortunately some pilots were not there during the announcement (packing in the cars) so we had to wait until 10.00 (initial “website” time) to get everyone ready. The round 5 started at 10.00 with a nice 7m/s wind. Flights were very fair between pilots, thanks to the clouds covering us and limiting the thermals. We managed to do 7 more rounds until the fog covered the whole area at 15.17. Only 5 pilots were left to race, but the interruption lasted more than 30 minutes and we had to cancel that round. Luckily, we managed to start one last round at 16.45, with lighter conditions as time passed (going down from 7+ m/s to 5m/s), yet still within local rules (4m/s minimum and average during the run, wind orientation less than 35deg off).

At the end of day 2, Pierre Rondel did get back on the lead after that total of 12 rounds, followed by Philippe Lanes and Andreas Bohlen.

But the time was for some good local fresh made cuisine at the restaurant “La Margueria”. Everyone enjoyed their drink with appetizer (Pissaladiere and Barbajuan), Dinner appetizer (Mozzarella di Buffala from Cuneo with grilled red peppers, pesto sauce and pinions, Main course (Oven baked Lamb with baby gnocchi and girolle mushrooms) and choice of dessert. I have to actually really thank the restaurant team for their efficiency in serving our large group with such great and tasty products.

Day 3 : Stamina:

Last day, wind is already blowing like the previous day. Lift is not as good (slightly off) as people do some free flights with foamies before the beginning of the competition announced at 09.00.

Wind is blowing at 6m/s, we start the race but the pace is much slower, both in the bases but also to leave the slope to the landing area (pilots have to climb as much as possible before walking in front of the Bunker and land by the front of the slope, it is impossible to walk through the usual path). Rounds are taking a little more than 1 hour. We still manage to validate another 5 rounds, and as it is only 14.48, we can even launch one final round before the end of the competition. Last flight was validated at 15.51. Time for computing the new rounds that got us to a total of 18 valid rounds and discover the ranking.

End of Competition:

As the times were computed, an Aperitif was offered to all pilots.

After almost 500 runs during the weekend, we really all wanted to thank all the judged, who have been standing in the wind and sun, and yet stayed concentrated and very efficient all weekend.

We also want to thank the sponsors without whom it would not be possible to make this competition happen: BlueBird Servos, la Ligue d’Aeromodelisme, La région PACA, Lindinger, les commercants de Tende (Hotel du Centre, Boulangerie des Merveilles, Restaurant la Margueria). This year was very special for me with my baby born only a few months ago. I would like to thank my wife Nicole for supporting me in still making this 10th Edition of the Lemoncello Cup happen.

Regarding final results: Best time was made by Michael Krebs (36.32 sec on round 9), the final podium is:


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