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Final Day – Report and Results

As said before, new day, new slope!

We were forecasting South-East wind on Sunday and already in the morning, clouds were showing at the distance.

The usual south slope would have wind coming slightly from the left, risks of reflies, and fog could be dangerous and prevent us from making new rounds.

We decided to go close to yesterday’s slope, oriented 160-170deg so this would already make it 20deg better than the normal location. also, as we were far from the clouds, we would have at least 1hour before it would come to us (1round) if not clear sky for all day.


Wind was fairly light, and sometimes lift would be very limited even if there was 4m/s and no cross wind (but cold air). Some pilots got tricked by the A base that had very limited visibility if pilot started diving…… no see no beep!!


So in the end, four more rounds were flown. Stephane Riccobono did not leave any bits of what he got, Michael Krebs and Philippe Lanes also. Reto in great performance unfortunately did a cut on his last round and lost many points there. Some other pilots were still unlucky and simply got bad air.

Final Results after a total of 8 rounds are below.



Team results (updated from yesterday’s prize distribution as there was an error on the spreadsheet calculating the team points.



Many thanks to all judges and to you all pilots who came!

New day…

…. New slope. 5-6 m/s, launching the fifth round on a kew slope facing wind perfectly.

Round 2 finished

Second round over. Clouds still there now and then. Unfortunately, sky got locked and Martin Ulrich lost his plane during landing and crashed. So sad. Best time for Philippe Lanes, 39.

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