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Results of the 2015 Edition

…And so we did it!
25 rounds, 30 pilots, 750 flights in three days!
best time 28.48sec by Matthieu Mervelet (round 21 on the third day).

Podium is the following:
1/ Sebastien Lanes (FRA)
2/ Matthieu Mervelet (FRA)
3/ Pierre Rondel (FRA)

Team Ranking:
1/ AL LANes Team (S. Lanes, P. Lanes, A. Cohen)
2/ Schwaben (T. Folkers, T. Reik, A. Barnitzke)
3/ Arm-Mar-Ric (A. Hirtzitz, M. Meissner, R. Ruijsink)

sorry once again for the pb with the results, we have managed with this competition to show our spreadsheet has errors when doing more than 20 rounds. Thanks for all the friends who typed them back on various sites and spreadsheets to double/triple check.
full results accessible there:

Results end of Day 2

today, “only” 6 more rounds flown.
several plane crashes unfortunately.
We had to cancel round 7 (ie: round 18 of the competition) after a dozen of pilots as the clouds suddenly arrived, wind turned north and 3 planes had to land down the mountain. Some damage to them.
A little shower came a few minutes later, so stopping the day was the best choice.
tomorrow should be sunny and south wind again, more flights to come.

temporary results:

Let’s Get Ready!

this year, 32 pilots will participate the event.
weather forecast is changing still, with websites projecting sun, some other risks of little rain in the end of the days.
Wind will be from south, so clearly it should be more than the websites will project (thermal grows the actual wind).
We will start putting all the equipement up on thursday, I guess there will be plenty of pilots already there.
Once again, meeting at 9 AM on friday morning for registration until 10AM. Goal will be to launch ASAP the competition as the weather conditions get sufficient. We don’t know exactly what the weather will be all weekend, so better not loose a chance of doing one round.

2015 Registration opened!

Yes, after a bad start last night (wrong form, sorry for keeping you awake), the registration is well opened.

I know that already 20 pilots registered during the night, and will thank them for resending their registration through the GoogleForms that now is running here:


Let’s Get all Ready!!

Let’s get ready, charge your gears, prepare your ballasts.

Meeting will be as announced at 9AM on friday, with registration and end of free flights at 10AM so we can start if wind is also on time.

once again, there is a red light at the tunnel before arriving, so be ready for up to 20minutes of wait if you are very unlucky in front of the stop.
Preparez vous, chargez vos modeles, prenez bien vos ballasts.

Le rendez-vous est confirmé vendredi matin a 9h, avec l’enregistrement et la fin des vols libres a 10h afin de lancer le concours si le vent est bien a l’heure egalement.

Encore une fois, n’oubliez pas qu’il y a un feu rouge au tunnel, preparez vous a jusqu’a 20minutes d’attente si vous n’avez pas de chance devant le stop.

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