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Flying order for this Weekend + Weather

…..And we will be 41 pilots for a list of 40…..

Last minute participation of our buddies from Spain, could not refuse their participation as it has been a while we haven’t seen them.


below the flying order for this weekend. First pilot will be randomly picked on site.


Order Pilot
1 33   Vladimir Urban
2 45   Antek Kania
3 17   Siegfried Schedel
4 9   Miroslav Trsek
5 36   Rick Ruijsink
6 40   Stefan Fraundorfer
7 49   Robert Matthes
8 3   Rosemann Eberhard
9 2   Philippe Lanes
10 19   Tomas Winkler
11 54¬†¬† I√Īaki Elizondo
12 47   Thierry Platon
13 42   Armin Hortzitz
14 15   Arne Finkeldey
15 44¬†¬† BogusŇāaw Gryszko
16 37   Thomas Faure
17 18   Martin Kopp
18 51   Wolfgang Ebinger
19 1   Allan Cohen
20 32¬†¬† Daniel Vltavsk√Ĺ
21 8   Stefan Bernardy
22 48   Maximilian Steidle
23 21   Matthieu Mervelet
24 13   Martin Ulrich
25 53   Bernardo GOMEZ-MAYAN LOPEZ
26 52   Jacek Kurlenda
27 31   Martial FAURE
28 6   Pierre Rondel
29 41   Alfred SALMHOFER
30 39   Espen Torp
31 26   Johann Eckart
32 14   Tobias Reik
33 38   Stephane RICCOBONO
34 5   Julien Honor
35 20   krebs michael
36 16   Thorsten Folkers
37 4¬†¬† Peter W√ľrmli
38 50¬†¬† Bj√łrn Andersen
39 7   Sebastien Lanes
40 43   Jerzy Mataczyno
41 12¬†¬† DALL’AVA HERVE


Regarding weather, it was fairly pessimistic last week for friday but was better for the weekend, and now we can see some great forecast (wind speed is down the valley, much more on the slope).


Let’s Get Ready for the 2016 Edition!!!

Ok folks,

the 2016 edition of the FAI Lemoncello Cup is about to open it’s registration.

As usual, it will be on April 1st, but this time it will be using the F3XVault registration portal. I would highly recommend you start today creating your account on their website if it does not exist yet. It only takes a fiew clicks and manages to store all your results of all competitions! pretty cool for both the pilot and the organizer…

To help the registration process, We have even made it possible to register through Paypal, the easiest way to validate for sure your registration and don’t end up in a Waiting list.

The F3XVault portal does not let automatically open the¬†event registration, so this year don’t waste your midnight sleep.. I will simply open it around lunch on the 1st of April, and post on the website/Facebook a notification. be fast!!!

Only 35 seats this year to garantee a good competition with as many rounds as possible.

Already, I want to thank this year’s main sponsors and support: BlueBird Servo, CDAM06 and the Restaurant hosting us as usual “La Margueria“.

Results of the 2015 Edition

…And so we did it!
25 rounds, 30 pilots, 750 flights in three days!
best time 28.48sec by Matthieu Mervelet (round 21 on the third day).

Podium is the following:
1/ Sebastien Lanes (FRA)
2/ Matthieu Mervelet (FRA)
3/ Pierre Rondel (FRA)

Team Ranking:
1/ AL LANes Team (S. Lanes, P. Lanes, A. Cohen)
2/ Schwaben (T. Folkers, T. Reik, A. Barnitzke)
3/ Arm-Mar-Ric (A. Hirtzitz, M. Meissner, R. Ruijsink)

sorry once again for the pb with the results, we have managed with this competition to show our spreadsheet has errors when doing more than 20 rounds. Thanks for all the friends who typed them back on various sites and spreadsheets to double/triple check.
full results accessible there:

Results end of Day 2

today, “only” 6 more rounds flown.
several plane crashes unfortunately.
We had to cancel round 7 (ie: round 18 of the competition) after a dozen of pilots as the clouds suddenly arrived, wind turned north and 3 planes had to land down the mountain. Some damage to them.
A little shower came a few minutes later, so stopping the day was the best choice.
tomorrow should be sunny and south wind again, more flights to come.

temporary results:

Let’s Get Ready!

this year, 32 pilots will participate the event.
weather forecast is changing still, with websites projecting sun, some other risks of little rain in the end of the days.
Wind will be from south, so clearly it should be more than the websites will project (thermal grows the actual wind).
We will start putting all the equipement up on thursday, I guess there will be plenty of pilots already there.
Once again, meeting at 9 AM on friday morning for registration until 10AM. Goal will be to launch ASAP the competition as the weather conditions get sufficient. We don’t know exactly what the weather will be all weekend, so better not loose a chance of doing one round.

1 2 3 4 5 6