Dear Pilots,

the competition is coming close so here are some news and details for you.
Free Flight:
The slope is available for flying everyday, and club members are coming pretty much everyday too. So please if you wish to fly on Thursday (or even before if you are spending some vacations here) respect them too. They will offer the slope for 3 days, kindly share the slope on those pre-competition days. The club rule is to put your name and frequency on the board, even if you are flying 2,4GHz, please follow it.
Friday, Meeting:
The meeting on friday is planned at 9AM at the slope. We will check frequencies (should be quick…..) and offer coffee and croissants as usual. If conditions are quickly OK we will launch the first round as soon as possible, else no more free flight after 10AM. We will try to make as many rounds as possible on Friday, so end of flights when light or wind insuficient.
Saturday, Banquet:
We have had several problems with the initially planned restaurant and were forced to change location. The restaurant will be in Roquefort les Pins, 30 minutes from the slope. Below you will find GPS coordinates to it.
The restaurant will serve a welcome alcohol drink, Salade Nicoise, a choice of Meat or Fish, your choice of dessert out of a whole selection of home made fresh tiramisu, fruit tarts, flans etc…., coffee and 1/4 wine.
So for all the people who ordered the banquet, please confirm by this friday your choice between:
-Meat: Jumbo Tortillas “house recipe” (when I say jumbo I mean JUMBO!!!!)
-Fish: will depend on the morning market, but local cuisine.
Useful GPS locations:
Slope: 43.751734 N    6.926584 E
Restaurant “Le Petit Eloi”:43.679921 N    7.034948 E